When looking into replacing and upgrading parts of a roof, or the roof as a whole, many people are interested in doing it. They are just unsure about their ability to do so. A common question we always get is, “how much is my roof going to cost or what is the average cost of an asphalt, shingle roof?” 

There are many different factors that will determine this number on your home! There is no single number, high or low, that will estimate the price of your roof. Now for most houses in the Northeast, New England, and Midatlantic area, there are around 20 squares of roofing. This can come around ten to twenty thousand range. ($10,000-$12,000)

To know how many squares of roofing you have, it is based on the surface area of your roof! To do this, many people think it is the square footage of your home. This way is not correct because it does not account for the pitch that comes from the roof. If you are in the 1800 to 2000 square foot range it puts you right in the “average-sized home.” This is again the range and average for the area we are located in.

Roof steepness can play a major role in determining the price of shingling your roof. If there are a lot of hips or valleys, this can play around with the pricing and amount of squares needed to fix or replace your roof. If you are in the 3000-4000 square foot home average, there will be more squares needed. Around 25 to 30 square range will most likely be needed for this larger home. Pricing for this can range around fifteen to eighteen thousand dollars. ($15,000-$18,000)

All of these prices are averages and range in a variant of ways. The types of products we use will affect the price as well in the packages we offer. The products we get from our distributors. “Good, Better, Best” package offers will cause price fluxes. The size, the amount of the product and the type of product will affect the price. The quotes we have provided are in the middle line pricing and can be lower or higher depending on the situation. 

Pricing on a new or upgraded roof can scare a lot of people if they don’t know where to start and if they feel they don’t have the ability to have a lot of choice or say in the matter. Here at Southers Construction, we work with our clients and evaluate their home’s and financial needs. We make sure that from start to finish, we are communicating with our clients, and the whole time they are letting us know if anything needs to change. We pride ourselves on our prices, our quality of work and products, and how we work with our clients. The client, and their roof, always comes first, and we can answer any pricing fears or questions you have going forward.