Once the pricing and roofing decisions have been made, another big question is on the life and warranty on roofs. What do roofing warranties actually mean and what is their extent? There are 2 different kinds of warranties that come into play when discussing these packages. The manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty. 

The manufacturer’s warranty is given directly from the manufacturer of the shingles that you would like us to install. Something to be aware of is that manufacturers have different stipulations on their warranties. It may require that you have to use a certain amount of shingles or other products, the way that these products have been installed, the timeframe you have to submit this paperwork for it work and more. You want to make sure that you ask these questions to your roof installer before committing to something with certain expectations that may not be available later on. 

The workmanship warranty is the most important warranty. It comes directly from the company that is providing the services and installation on your roof. It will cover things like a shingle blowing off or other possible events from mis-installation. The differences come from faulty production on the manufacturers and faulty installation from the service company. Leaks, blown shingles, improper box vents installation and more are things that covered by workmanship warranties. 

Manufacturers have been perfecting their craft for decades so it is very rare that the products have failures. The manufacturer’s warranty also has been refined in ways to clearly explain what is included, the time frame and what to expect from it. The workmanship warranty is once again the most important because any possible fault or issue that could happen will rarely come from the manufacturer. Even reputable, hardworking and consistent companies need to make sure that the homeowner knows the possible things that could happen and why a warranty is so important. Changes can happen over time because of age, weather, and maintenance, so letting the home-owner know everything possible about the roof pricing, the quality of the product, and the warranties in place will make this transaction best for everybody. 

We are a reputable, and long-standing company that works with our clients and makes sure that all warranties are in place. Newer companies that pop up and are starting to get their foot in the door may have a harder time enforcing those workmanship warranties. Manufacturing warranties are easier to enforce. This can be more difficult when these companies are no longer in business. 87% of small businesses go out of business within the first three years. Trying to maintain those warranties, and building a business can be difficult with newer companies. For companies like us at Southers Construction, we have long-standing and reliable workers, manufacturers and most importantly, clients, who trust us and these warranties to do fulfill their purpose and do their job if need be!