Before pricing and estimates can begin, we have to establish what kind of roof you are looking for. Another frequently asked question that we get is “should I get an asphalt shingle roof or should I get a metal roof?” Everyone has different wants and needs, but a question you should be thinking about when you are first coming to us is, “why are you thinking of going from asphalt shingle to a metal roof?” If the answer is you just like the way it looks, then we can absolutely implement that for you. If you are trying to get rid of ice dams, and other possible hazardous winter effects, that we can still do the metal roof, but can show you a variety of other options available to deal with that issue. We will never try and talk you out of something like a metal roof if you really want it, but we will let you know the many other options available to you for dealing with those ice dams and other issues. 

Homes in Maine and Northern New Hampshire tend to suffer from theses ice dams and winter weather issues and people from there always asking me what to do. They are trying to get them off their home and not have to deal with them anymore. Metal roofs work in preventing ice damns, but they are covering up the real root of the problem: improper ventilation, improper insulation, bad air stealing, or all 3. Even with a metal roof, this problem will still happen unless your roof is properly insulated. Without proper insulation, mold can form. Metal roofs can create a changing environment which, with improper insulation, will cause more possible issues. Your roof may begin to sweat and condensate. Leaks may start form because of this, right after you get a brand new roof. Again, we will provide you with the roof that you desire, but make sure that you are aware of all these factors and possibilities beforehand is essential to making the right decision for you and your home. 

 If you are set in getting a metal roof for the vanity portion, make sure your attic is checked, and your roof is properly insulated to handle this new environment created. These metal roofs will be on the more expensive side as well, so preparing for it to work to the best of its abilities will be essential. Understanding warranty rates on products, whether metal, paint, shingles or more, will help you solidify the type of roof that is best suited for your home and your budget.

For the outside protection of your home to work to its utmost capacity, the inside must as well. Knowing all of these roofing options, standards and facts will help you find the perfect type of roofing for you. Understanding what needs to go into your home for the product to last as long will help as well. Here at Southers Construction, will provide you with all the answer and the best possible service and product.